The goal of athletics at Holy Cross College Preparatory Academy is to foster Christian and human development through exercise, example, sportsmanship and athletic accomplishment. The objectives of the Holy Cross athletics program are as follows:

  • To instill Christian sportsmanship in the lifestyle of the participants
  • To give participants the opportunity to learn to win, lose, and compete with dignity.
  • To develop school spirit, team spirit, and personal acceptance.
  • To develop acceptance and appreciation of others.
  • To develop the participant’s physical abilities and coordination.
  • To develop good health habits.
  • To teach the positive value of recreation.

Holy Cross competes in the diocesan Parochial Athletic League (PAL). We offer:


  • Girls Grades 5-8 Volleyball
  • Boys Grades 5-8 Flag Football
  • Girls Grades 3-4 Little Spiker's Volleyball


  • Boys and Girls Grades 1-4 Little Dribbler’s Basketball
  • Boy and Girls Grades 5-8 Basketball


  • Boys Grades 5-8 Volleyball
  • Girls Grades 5-8 Flag Football
  • Boys and Girls Grades 5-8 Soccer

Player Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in Holy Cross Athletic Program players must:

  • Maintain a current academic average of at least 2.0 (C average).
  • Have good Citizenship.

Sports Program Participation Requirements

  • Physical examination form completed by physician.
  • Eligibility Form signed by teacher and parent/guardian.
  • Submit an athletic fee (per sport).
  • Complete a uniform agreement.
  • Meet family participation and/or volunteer needs.
  • Student conduct and academic performance will be reviewed at the beginning of the season and on a regular basis to determine player eligibility.