Diocesan Events

These events are competitive. Staff and Administration will select students to represent Holy Cross Academy in these events. Parents will be required to assist students in preparation for events and in most instances expected to volunteer leading up to the event.

Faith Families

Each year students are assigned a Faith Family. Students are put into multi grade-level groups, often with at least one student per class. Families participate in activities together throughout the year during Mass, special lunches, religion projects and other events. Middle school students have the opportunity to be role-models and mentors and younger students benefit from getting to know and build relationships with students they may not interact with on a regular occasion.


As students' interest arise and volunteers offer their expertise, clubs, athletics and other extra-curricular activities will be made available and added to the program.

  • Clubs and Other Activities
  • Student Council 5th -8th grade
  • Lego League 1st-8th grade
  • Girl Scouts All girls
  • Cub Scouts 1st-8th grade boys
  • Choir K-8th grade
  • Religious Decathlon 5th-6th grade
  • Speech Contest 7th-8th grade
  • Mental Math Bowl 1st-5th grade
  • Academic Decathlon 6th-8th grade