"Parents Have The First Responsibility For The Education Of Their Children. They Bear Witness To This Responsibility First By Creating A Home Where Tenderness, Forgiveness, Respect, Fidelity, And Service Are The Rule."
— Catechism Of The Catholic Church

Parents play an integral role at Holy Cross College Preparatory Academy and are true partners in the process of education. Holy Cross parents work to:

  • Be role models for generosity, service, spirituality and other positive values.
  • Give our children the most complete school experience possible.
  • Ensure opportunities for our children to grow.
  • Facilitate enriching experiences for children and families.
  • Develop positive relationships within the community.
  • Generate school spirit and respect.

Parent Participation Hours

All families must complete a minimum of 30 *volunteer hours through the school.* Parent participation hours may be completed by any adult family members.

Volunteer Hours

All families must contribute 30 volunteer hours each year. Five of those hours must be for the annual auction, three for the crab feed, and three for grounds maintenance.

All children who attend Holy Cross and their families agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the parent/student handbook, including any revisions deemed necessary by the school administration.

Volunteer Policies

In order to volunteer at school events, help in the classroom, or drive on field trips all family members over the age of 18 must get:

  • Fingerprint Live Scan
  • Take an online course (Shield the Vulnerable)
  • Volunteer Driver Form ( to drive on field trip)

Holy Cross Parent Club

All parents, guardians and faculty of Holy Cross Academy are members of the Parent Club. Parent Club serves and supports students and staff, while modeling the school motto, "Lead, love, learn-make a difference". Parent Club meets regularly meets throughout the school year in order to plan and support school fundraisers and events. Room parents should represent their grade-levels at each meeting.

Holy Cross Catholic School Advisory Council

This commission's sole purpose is to advise the administration regarding school site specific matters. The principal serves as the chairman of the CSAC and facilitates the meetings. Members serve for a limited term at the discretion of the principal. CSAC provides policy recommendations in the area of development, facilities, mission effectiveness, community relations, parent engagement and school community. They do not participate in budget or tuition setting.